Jordin Sparks - Overcome Lyrics

Jordin Sparks Lyrics

Overcome Lyrics
I thought that hiding all my feelings
Was protecting my heart
So I never built anything
High enough to fall apart
And what I was looking for
Didn't know where to start
I can't believe this is happening

The day I met you
I said welcome to the rest of my life
Cause you
And all the emptiness died
I was afraid to give love another try
Oh I can't believe this is happening

I know that this might get me in trouble
But it's time I let my fences down
Cause I am no longer afraid of a struggle
Oh I'll overcome
I'll overcome

Guess I'm addicted to happiness
I just can't get enough
So I decided to give a try and
Surrender my trust
I've got no choice left
But to believe in us
And finally this is happening


I finally let myself go
I let all my guards down
Baby I'm yours now
You're in control
I took the chains off my soul
And now I'm in love


I don't care anymore
I'll overcome
I've overcome

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