Joan Armatrading Lyrics

Joan Armatrading Lyrics

From the Album Live At Royal Albert Hall (2011) (buy at

Call Me Names
Drop The Pilot
Heading Back To New York city
Love And Affection
My Baby's Gone
Something's Gotta Blow
Tall In The Saddle
The Weakness In Me
Woman in Love

From the Album This Charming Life (2010) (buy at

This Charming Life

From the Album Lovers Speak (2003) (buy at
Lovers Speak
Lovers Speak
Physical Pain
In These Times
Prove Yourself
Fire And Ice
Love Bug
Let's Talk About Us
Tender Trap
Less Happy More Often
Crazy For You
You Made Your Bed

From the Album What's Inside (1995) (buy at
What's Inside
In Your Eyes
Everyday Boy
Merchant Of Love
Shapes And Sizes
Back On The Road
Lost The Love
Would You Like To Dance
Recommend My Love
Beyond The Blue
Can't Stop Loving You
Shape Of A Pony

From the Album Square The Circle (1992) (buy at
Square The Circle
True Love
Wrapped Around Her
Sometimes I Don't Want To Go Home
Square The Circle
Weak Woman
Can I Get Next To You
Can't Get Over (How I Broke Your Heart)
If Women Ruled The World
Cradled In Your Love

From the Album Hearts And Flowers (1990) (buy at
Hearts And Flowers
More Than One Kind Of Love
Hearts And Flowers
Promise Land
Someone's In The Background
Can't Let Go
Something In The Air Tonight
Good Times
The Power Of Dreams

From the Album The Shouting Stage (1988) (buy at
The Shouting Stage
The Devil I Know
Living For You
Did I Make You Up
Stronger Love
The Shouting Stage
Straight Talk
Watch Your Step
All A Woman Needs
Dark Truths

From the Album Sleight Of Hand (1986) (buy at
Sleight Of Hand
Kind Words (And A Real Good Heart)
Killing Time
Reach Out
Angel Man
Laurel And The Rose
One More Chance
Russian Roulette
Figure Of Speech
Don Juan

From the Album Secret Secrets (1985) (buy at
Secret Secrets
Persona Grata
Talking To The Wall
Love By You
Thinking Man
Friends Not Lovers
One Night
Secret Secrets

From the Album The Key (1983) (buy at
The Key
(I Love It When You) Call Me Names
Foolish Pride
Drop The Pilot
The Key
Everybody Gotta Know
Tell Tale
What Do Boys Dream
The Game Of Love
The Dealer
Bad Habits
I Love My Baby

From the Album Walk Under Ladders (1982) (buy at
Walk Under Ladders
I'm Lucky
When I Get It Right
I Wanna Hold You
The Weakness In Me
No Love
At The Hop
I Can't Lie To Myself
Eating The Bear
Only One

From the Album Me Myself I (1980) (buy at
Me Myself I
Me Myself I
Is It Tomorrow Yet
Turn Out The Light
When You Kisses Me
All The Way From America
Feeling In My Heart (For You)
I Need You

From the Album How Cruel EP (1979) (buy at
How Cruel EP
How Cruel
He Wants Her
I Really Must Be Going

From the Album To The Limit (1978) (buy at
To The Limit
Barefoot And Pregnant
Your Letter
Am I Blue For You
You Rope Me You Tie Me
Baby I
Bottom To The Top
Taking My Baby Up Town
What Do You Want
Let It Last

From the Album Show Some Emotion (1977) (buy at
Show Some Emotion
Woncha Come On Home
Show Some Emotion
Warm Love
Never Is Too Late
Peace In Mind
Mama Mercy
Get In The Sun
Kissin' And A Huggin'

From the Album Joan Armatrading (1976) (buy at
Joan Armatrading
Down To Zero
Help Yourself
Water With The Wine
Love And Affection
Save Me
Join The Boys
Somebody Who Loves You
Like Fire
Tall In The Saddle

From the Album Back To The Night (1975) (buy at
Back To The Night
No Love For Free
Travel So Far
Steppin' Out
Dry Land
Cool Blue Stole My Heart
Get In Touch With Jesus
Body To Dust
Back To The Night
So Good
Let's Go Dancing
Come When You Need Me

From the Album Whatever's For Us (1972) (buy at
Whatever's For Us
My Family
City Girl
Spend A Little Time
Whatever's For Us, For Us
Child Star
Visionary Mountains
It Could Have Been Better
Head Of The Table
Mister Remember Me
Give It A Try
Mean Old Man
All The King's Gardens

Other Songs:
Baby Blue Eyes
Empty Highway
Into The Blues
Mama Papa

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