J.J. Cale - These Blues Lyrics

J.J. Cale Lyrics

These Blues Lyrics
(J.J. Cale)

A hundred miles is not too far
Unless you have to walk
Life, it seems, is like a dream
Until you have to talk
Don't wonder for a moment
If you win or lose
Just stop and stay, and watch the day
And listen to these blues
If it don't work for you, girl
Put it off your mind
If you drink anew from the well
You find the bottom line
A fancy woman told me
John, you're bound to do this
So I just stay and watch the day
And sing these lonesome blues
The blues is not a song you sing
It is a way of life
I've hung around them bar rooms, girl
Almost all my life
The men, they all are gamblers
They take all they can use
So if I find no peace of mind
I'll settle for these blues
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