Jhene Aiko - Rowdy Lyrics

Jhene Aiko Lyrics

Rowdy Lyrics
I love you so much, but sometimes you scare me

Can't help that I look so delish in a candy 6
You said you had to know my name
I tilted down my Fendi frames to
Let you down easy cause I have a man understand
Creepin round will never work
More than your feelings might get hurt

My boyfriend's crazy deranged
But I love him just the same and I ain't going nowhere
My boyfriend won't ever change
And I love his thugged out ways
So let's not take it there

My daddy don't like him don't want me around him
But he's so good to me there's something about him
He's Rowdy, That's what I like about him
The type to wear red on the crip set
Blue on the blood block
Both arms tatted ain't got no love for the cops
And he's rowdy

My girl says watch out for his ghetto fame
But I can't complain
Every dog must chase the cat, but when I page he calls me back, yeah
Something bout his Tim boots and jeans sagging low I lose control
He's good to me from head to feet, but that's the part you'll never see cause

My boyfriend's crazy deranged
About more than just his chain and he ain't never scared
My boyfriend won't ever change
And he loves me everyday that's why I don't care


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