Janis Joplin - Lemmings Lyrics

Janis Joplin Lyrics

Lemmings Lyrics
That's the role of the government
keeping track of what you spend now,
it's our land of freedom and democracy,
with the budget gone and spent,
seperation imminent and we're expected
happily to fall in line and so we fallow the leader
and what he does know why i'm doing it
just because i'm of thinking for myself.
Oh ya and I hope to God i don't stir the pot keep my brain from
original thought oh lemmings are cool
lemmings are fun not too distinct and
I wanna be one right now.
Front of her was a long white line should she go
or should she try to listen to her friends
when she wasn't sure no opinion of her own
soon enough you were alone
cause it's hard to find a friend when you're on a ledge
well i'll make my decision for myself
without listening to anyone else oh lemmings are f*cked,
lemmings are dumb, and I wanna be one right now.

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