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Jack Johnson Lyrics

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From the Album All The Light Above It Too (2017) (buy at amazon.com)
All The Light Above It Too
You Can't Control It
Sunsets For Somebody Else
My Mind Is For Sale
Big Sur
Love Song #16
Is One Moon Enough?

From the Album From Here To Now To You (2013) (buy at amazon.com)

From the Album To the Sea (2010) (buy at amazon.com)

You And Your Heart
To The Sea
No Good With Faces
At Or With Me
When I Look Up
From The Clouds
My Little Girl
Turn Your Love
The Upsetter
Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
Pictures Of People Taking Pictures
Anything But The Truth
Only The Ocean
Better Together (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Sleep Through The Static (2008) (buy at amazon.com)

All At Once
Sleep Through The Static
If I Had Eyes
Same Girl
What You Thought You Need
Go On
They Do They Don't
While We Wait
Losing Keys
Goodbye (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Sing-A-Longs And Lullabies For The Film Curious George (2006) (buy at amazon.com)

Upside Down
People Watching
Wrong Turn
Talk Of The Town
Jungle Gym
We're Going To Be Friends
The Sharing Song
The 3 R's
With My Own Two Hands
Supposed To Be

From the Album In Between Dreams (2005) (buy at amazon.com)

Better Together
Never Know
Banana Pancakes
Good People
No Other Way
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Staple It Together
Crying Shame
If I Could
Do You Remember

From the Album On And On (2003) (buy at amazon.com)

Times Like These
The Horizon Has Been Defeated
Traffic In The Sky
Wasting Time
Holes To Heaven
Dreams Be Dreams
Tomorrow Morning
Fall Line
Cookie Jar
Rodeo Clowns
Mediocre Bad Guys
Symbol In My Driveway

From the Album Brushfire Fairytales (2001) (buy at amazon.com)

Inaudible Melodies
Middle Man
Sexy Plexi
Bubble Toes
Fortunate Fool
The News
Drink The Water
F-Stop Blues
Losing Hope
It's All Understood

Other Songs:
Bad News
Brushfire Fairytales
Bubbly Toes
Country Road
Cupid Only Misses Sometimes
Fast Times In Tahoe
Frankie And Albert
Gone, Gone, Gone
Horizon Has Been Defeated
I Got..
I Know
In The Morning
Jack Kerouac
Just Can't Go To Sleep
Let It Be Sung
Little Bit Of Love
Medicore Bad Guys
Might Just Let It Go
On And On
Poor Taylor
Rocky Raccoon
Sexi Plexi
Tim Curren(La-Te-De-Dah)
Walk Alone
You're Missing Me

Other Songs:
Country Road
Fragments (from "The Smog Of The Sea" soundtrack)
In The Morning
Let It Be Sung
Little Bit Of Love
My Mind Is For Sale
Seasick Dream

Jack Johnson Info:

Jack Johnson is an American folk rock singer-songwriter, surfer, filmmaker, musician known for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. In 2001, he achieved commercial success after the release of his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. He is also known for organizing an annual event, the Kokua Festival.

Jack Johnson was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The son of well-known surfer Jeff Johnson, he took an interest in his father's profession. Jack began to learn how to surf at the age of 5. At 17, he became the youngest invitee to make the surfing finals at the Pipeline Masters on Oahu's North Shore. One week later, however, his stint as a professional surfer ended when he suffered a surfing accident at the Pipeline that put more than 150 stitches in his forehead and removed a few of his teeth; this later became the inspiration for the song Drink The Water. -Wikipedia

May 18, 1975 ( age )

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.

Folk rock, indie pop, surf

Singer-songwriter, musician, record label owner, pro surfer

Kim Johnson (m. 2000)

University of California at Santa Barbara

Got his start:
Making friends with Garrett Dutton of
G. Love and Special Sauce, and he subsequently recorded "Rodeo Clowns"

Vocals, guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, Sitar

Years active:

Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Otis Redding, G. Love and Special Sauce, Ben Harper, Sublime, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Neil Young, and A Tribe Called Quest.

Jack Johnson Quotes:
It's as simple as something that nobody knows.
look at all those fancy clothes, but these clothes could keep us warm just like those, and what about your soul, is it gold? or is it straight from the mold and ready to be sold...

There were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven..."

"My friend told me later he got the chicken pox. I told him I caught politics and never got over it."

"Well I know some people, they got a little less than nothing But still find some to spare- And other people got more than they could use... But they don't share"

There were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven.

"Such a tough enchiladia filled up with nota giving what you gotta give to get a dollar bill."

but everybody think that everybody knows about everybody else. nobody knows anything about themselves cause they're all worried about everybody else...

All the choices are made just purely on what seems like it would be fun. We don't always want to grow things. I think we're at a point where we feel pretty comfortable if we can keep things about the same."

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