Hank Williams, Jr. - The Last Love Song Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

The Last Love Song Lyrics
I know its over because I don't keep you satisfied anymore
But before you move along let me sing you the last love song.

Tomorrow when I wake,what will take the place
Of smiles on your face and black hair against white lace
And I wonder, will I be thinking of our early morning love
All the sweet things that you'd say that brighten my darkest day
And tomorrow night what do you suggest to take the place or your breasts

Breast against my chest oh how I'll miss your tenderness
But there's no use crying because loves a grown up game alittle pleasure and then alot pain
First we called each other bad names then what we had was never quite the same
I wish I could find eyes that won't cry,
Lips that won't lie and a love that won't die.
And a love that won't die.

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