Hank Williams, Jr. - The Cow Turd Blues Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

The Cow Turd Blues Lyrics
There's some things in this country you don't mess with
And I am blessed to be on that short list
We're out here in the real world
Not that feel good media swirl
And we've something for you - read our lips

They've made a huge miscalculation
About the mood of this nation
Good workin' people done got tired of bein' wrong
Then they saw one of their own
Get mistreated and dumped on
They was standin' behind him, he's not alone

Never kick the cow turd on a hot bed
Or you might get some poo on your pants' legs
Thought they were gonna have some fun
Kiddin' around with old Hank's son
But America had my back all the way

Remember never kick the cow turd on a hot bed
Never pick up a rattle snake the wrong way
Never ever kick, would've been much smarter to let it sip
Never kick the turd, should've let the man just be here
Never kick the cow turd on a hot bed

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