Hank Williams, Jr. - That Ain't Good Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

That Ain't Good Lyrics
A different boss at work
That might do me well
'Cause I'm kinda mad at someone
Who thinks that they can tell me what to say and do
Everybody's got a butt and a point of view

Well I used to like to go fishin'
Watch that hook and line
But I sold my boat and motor
And everybody wondered why

That ain't good
No, that ain't good
('Cause that ain't me)

My wife went to a lawyer
I never dreamed she would
Now my address is rock bottom
And they know me in this neighborhood

That ain't good
No no, that ain't good
(I need to get out of here)

Watchin' these nuts on TV
Blowin' themselves to hell
So they can all get to heaven
And my kids want me to tell
Tell 'em why
Did all those people have to die

No, that ain't good
'Cause I don't know why

Went to church Sunday morning
Never thought I could
Prayed to the man to help me
Get back to being myself like I should

It done me good
Yeah it done me good
You gotta look for the good in this world

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