Hank Williams, Jr. - Sounds Like Justice Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Sounds Like Justice Lyrics
He lived right across the street
It was on the news for the world to see
They caught with his hands on a neighbors child
Now he said he never done it before
As he cried before the judge in court

So they put him away for a just a little while
Morning found him in his cell
Somebody sent him straight to hell
Down on his knees begging for his life
Sounds like justice to me

Mom and pops had a corner store
It had been there 30 years or more
And it had been robbed about a hundred times
Punk walked in like he owned the place
Said, give me the money as he slapped his face

He didn't know pops had a.45
Dude never made it to the door
Pops said, I learned in the Army
How to point and squeeze
And it sounds like justice to me

Sounds like justice, justice, justice

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