Hank Williams, Jr. - Queen Of My Heart Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Queen Of My Heart Lyrics
I just wanted to tell you what I think about you,
And I don't wanna leave out some important part.
You know I love you and I can't live without you,
You know that you are the queen of my heart.

I've had ladies of passion and women of beauty
But you're the only girl I've opened up to.
But I closed up tight when you left for another,
And that's the part I've never gotten used to.

And the Queen's still in England, the King's still in Spain,
My love for you is still the same.
You know that I want you till death do us part
You know that you are the queen of my heart.

If you get this letter, please let me know somethin' :
If youýre comin' back, or is it all through?
Hey, just tell me yes or no, don't keep me hangin',
'cause that's the part I could never get used to.

And the Queen is in England, and the King is in Spain,
And all the King's horses and all the Queen's men
Could never do one thing to keep us apart
If you'll just come back to me, queen of my heart.
I'm tellin' you, you are the queen of my heart.

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