Hank Williams, Jr. - My Home Town Circle "R" Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

My Home Town Circle "R" Lyrics
Tomorrow night I'll be appearin' with my band and my guitar
And I'm gonna sing my heart out at my hometown Circle R

I've made a fortune singing songs and they say I'm a real country music star
But I remember back when I started at my old hometown Circle R
Just an old white plaster building a tipical club with a broken neon sign
Why I left her and all my good drinking friends to make this long and dreary climb
I hope to see familiar faces when I'm at the microphone
Hope to see the girl I left there at a Circle R back home
But I wanted to sing my songs to the world so we slowly but surely drifted apart
I traded her love for a taste of fame that's how I got my start
But now I gladly give up all this fortune and fame just to know I'd be her star
And to be back in my baby's arms and with all my friends at my hometown Circle R
Tomorrow night I'll be appearin'...

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