Hank Williams, Jr. - Last Driftin' Cowboy Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Last Driftin' Cowboy Lyrics
Sure was a way back when
But that's when they formed the band who influenced
All of the music since then
The twenty-five year old singer
Was the king of moanin' the blues
His words would make you feel
And with that cryin' steel
Why they just
Over powered you

I was one of the lucky few that
Got to play with him
When I turned twenty-one he told me
Son, I'm gonna fill you in
Don't believe that stuff about your dad bein'
Sad to the end
He knew how to have fun
He owned the music son
He was a sharp dressed ramblin' man

Well now I gotta tell ya somethin'
I want the world to know
It's gonna shake your boots
And it might chill your soul
'cause I just got the news
Not too long ago
I've gotta break it to you
It's the...end of the show

The last driftin' cowboy is gone
Our one link to Hank
And those great songs
I'm gonna play his steel guitar licks
All night long
'cause the last driftin' cowboy has
Found his way home

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