Hank Williams, Jr. - Knoxville Courthouse Blues Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Knoxville Courthouse Blues Lyrics
I'm sittin' in Knoxville courthouse ain't got a thing to do
I don't wanna go to the movies couldn't if I wanted to cuz I'm on trial for lovin' you
Now this all started in a honky tonk just the other side of town
A girl come in took a stool by me ordered gin and drank it down
She lit up a cigarette sexly turned around
Well she said my name is Jannie and asked me what was mine
I answered Hank as I walked to the jukebox droppin' a dime
Checked out her short dress low neck line
Well we danced for five or ten minutes and I held her close to me
Kissed her lips and squeezed her hips and judged about twenty three
Whispered in my ears I said yes siree
Now the scene is a little motel out on the state highway
There in room 12 little love is about to take place
And a state trooper breaks down the door shines a flash light in my face
I said what the hell is this and another man and woman come in
And the girl I'm with starts cryin' and screamin' and she runs over to them
Said thank God you're here he tried to hurt me mama
I said now you don't mean the cop says son the girl is seventeen
So that's why I'm in Knoxville courthouse and the judge passed sentence on me
And it's ten long years for statutory rape in the state penitentiary
Lord I can't believe this is happened to me
So when next time you give a girl the eye she gives you that certain smile
Just remember under that woman's breast may beat the heart of a child
Don't you let yourself be the one to help a mixed up kids go wild
This story happened a lot that's true
But you better hope and pray it never happens to you

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