Hank Williams, Jr. - Goin' Home Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Goin' Home Lyrics
I'll ride the train out of here tomorrow and these years I've paid for what I've done
I'll say goodbye to these old walls around me
I'm goin' home tomorrow goin' home to see my son
Every day I prayed for my forgiveness and I can tell my soul's been won
Now I can hardly wait for the sunrise
Cause tomorrow I'm goin' home and see my son
Now he was just a little boy when they took me away
And with his mother gone I left him for my mama to raise
Now he knows that I love him and I tell anyone
I'm goin' home tomorrow and see my son
The train is pullin' in now and there stands dear gray haired mom
But there must be somethin' wrong cause I don't see my son
Mama said son I should have written but I knew you will comin' home
I tried to raise him right but the boy just turned wrong
Now I can still see the flowers down by that old oak tree
And it looks like there's room beside him just enough room for me

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