Hank Williams, Jr. - Forged By Fire Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Forged By Fire Lyrics
It was hard for him to get out of bed
When the phone rang, sleep-eyed she said
Charlie's drunk again
Why don't you just let it ring
Through the years he'd alaways picked it up
For the guy who came back and saved his butt
What they have in common is a brotherhood
So few could understand
They were...

Forged by fire
Hard times you get beyond
Gives you an unbreakable bond
Forged by fire
When you pray to god, bet the odds
And walk through hell together
You're forever
Forged by fire

The young GI said from his V A bed
Why you wanna hang out with us broken men
When you could be spending your time with your family and friends
He told him son, you're family too
I see myself when i look at you
In a place and time you don't forget
And even tho we've just met


He said goodbye GI see you next week
Then he rolled himself out to the street
It was pretty hard for him to get his van
And throw the wheelchair in the back
He was headed home ready to unwind
Charlie called can you help me one more time
He said Chuck, I'll be there on the double
For a brother, it's no trouble


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