Hank Williams, Jr. - Farm Song Lyrics

Hank Williams, Jr. Lyrics

Farm Song Lyrics
Let me tell you about the farm
All my friends are in the barn
Barn Life, Farmers Wife
Don't you make me say it twice
Sunny days
Bale and Hay
Go to church and learn to pray
Cornbread, feather bed, buttermilk
Scratch my head
Brown cow, Cat's meow
C'mon mule, pull my plow!

Oats and bread, turkey breast
Wait a minute
Catch my breath!

Candied yams,
Scrambled eggs
Crazy Rooster plucked my leg
King nose, garden hose
Watchin all the flowers grow
Tractor rattle, horse and saddle
Open line, fishin' paddle
Green beans, blue jeans
Electric guitar,washing machine
Ho' down, gather around
Listen to the barnyard sound
Fiddle and bow, mountain blow
Bluegrass, country, rock and roll!

House fly, Apple pie
Coon skin hat, eagle eye
In-law, Out-law
Suit and tie, overall
Great oaks, best smokes
Jelly jam, jell-o roll
Fried tomato, baked potato
Soup and kettle, double barrell
Bow and arrow, camouflage
Left Paw, Buzz saw
Country boy, C'mon now
Make that good ol' fiddle squak!!

Hound dog, Bullfrog
Deer head hangin' on the wall
Clothesline, grapevine
Sippin on that ol' moonshine
Amen, women hollerin'
Grey head men,brown eyed daughter
Mom and paw,snake in the grass
Duck call,2 steppin helpin
Sun comin up, over the mountain
When it rains I'm insane
Guess that covers ever-thang!!!!

Pick-up truck, muffler loud
Welcome to the sunny south!!
Birkenberth, KFC
ASP, won't take cards
Civil war was in the yard
Love Life
Out of hand
Waited on ten level tan
Only going to do 20 shows
Hunting season, told ya so
He's goin' fishin!!
There he goes!
There he goes!
There he goes!

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