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Minority Lyrics
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I wanna be the minority
I don't need your authority
Down with the moral majority
'Cause I wanna be the minority

I pledge allegiance
To the underworld
One nation underdog
There of which I stand alone
A face in the crowd
Unsung against the mold
Without a doubt, singled out
The only way I know

Stepped out of the line
Like a sheep run from the herd
Marching out of time
To my own beat now...
The only way I know

One light, one mind
Flashing in the dark
Blinded by the silence
Of a thousand broken hearts
"For crying out loud"
She screamed unto me
A free for all, f*ck 'em all
You are your own sight

I wanna be the minority
I wanna be the minority
I wanna be the minority
I wanna be the minority
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Minority Info:

• According to Billie Joe Armstrong 'The song is about being an individual and how you have to drift through the darkness to find where you belong.'

• The music video was directed by Evan Bernard and released in September 2000. In the video the band is on a parade float, playing their instruments.

• The single was released on October 31st, 2000, and topped the Billboard Modern Rock Track chart for five weeks

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