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Your Heart Out Lyrics
Just take for instance
a time of great depression
made out of reason
bad time's in season
Don't shut your heart out
Don't cry your eyes out
Don't cry for me
and make sick thought
a savage pencil
I'm nearly healthy
And they try to take my eyes out
Friends try to work my soul out
But I don't sing, I just shout
Heavy clout, heart out
Now here's a joke
to cheer you up:
Old times no surgeon
Just magicians and dungeons
There they take your heart out
with a sharp knife
It wasn't fake
They had no anesthetic.
That joke's pathetic.
Just look at me
Too much speed
But very plain
You're lucky, friend.
You've got to want take out
You know what I'm talking about!
I don't sing I just shout
All on one note.
Sing, sing, sing, sing
Look at me, I just ping.
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