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Fall Lyrics

Various Times Lyrics
Alright we're going to go back
to 1940
No money
And I live in Berlin
I think I'll join up
Become a camp guard
No war for me
An old Jew's face dripping red
I hate the prisoners
I hate the officers
There's no fight
I think I'll join,
a red rose,
Leave Belsen
I'll go to Switzerland
A human resistor
Don't think, ask him
Present :
I don't like them
said Ian
in his black-out threats
I think I'll drop out
Become a no-man
And live my rules
But I'm the sort that gets
out of the bath with a dirty face
Everyone I meet's the same now
No brains or thoughts
A good case for the systems we like and we get
A human resistor
Various times
Don't think, ask him
Black windows
And smokey holes
My head is full of lead
And the beer is so weak
Since they got rid of time around here
Dr. Doom fresh from Salem
And the witch trials
The light of heaven
Time mistaken
Three places at once
A human resistor
Don't think, ask him
Ask him
Ask him
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