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Fall Lyrics

Two Steps Back Lyrics
Everybody likes me
They think i'm crazy
Pull my string and i do my thing.

Two steps back

I don't need the acid factories
I've got mushrooms in the fields
Julian* said "how was the gear?"
They don't sell things to you over there
A cigarette goes out when you put it down.

Two steps back

Had a look at the free festivals
They're like cinemas with no films
You could make a fire with the seats
You could boil up some cigar [cig-ah!] dimps

Or get into the sound
Wait for the ice cream to come around.

Two steps back
Two doors down

I meet my old friends there
They queue up for cash there
They are part irish
They have no conscience
They get threatened by the cracker factory.

Two steps back

Cracker factory:
A place where you get into the working routine again.
Rehabs for no hopes
Prefab for jobless dopes.
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