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Fall Lyrics

The War Against Intelligence Lyrics
The war against Intelligence
War versus Intelligence
Notebooks out plagiarists
War Against Intelligence

War versus Intelligence
They got a lot of debris yesterday
They stuck out its golden horns
And volunteered its essence
War Against Intelligence

Hey pseud!
Why did you defect to the other side?
Hey dude!
Give the info a rest and use your mind
Dancing with your Dada mates [Dad and mates] in the corner
You're such a bloody fool
You think your haircut is distinguished
When it's a blot on the English landscape

Hey dude!
Get your mental bones right outta here!
It's beyond your capability
Hey git!
In the league of mental short-arse
And you will never recompense
For your war versus intelligence
War versus Intelligence
War Against Intelligence

Hey dude!
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