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Spectre Vs Rector (live At Acklam Hall Version) Lyrics
M.R. James, be born, be born
Yog Sogoth. Rape me Lord.*
I've suffered a great wrong
Such hatred, Church's song
Part One: Spectre v. Rector
The Rector lived in Hampshire
The Spectre was not focussed on
the evil dust in the air.
The Rector locked his doors
An Inspector drives through Hampshire
Has to sleep because of the fog
And thinks of his new director.
Meanwhile the Spectre possesses Rector
Spectre blows him against the wall
Says " this is your face.
I've waited all season for this
You're flaccid, my hate is crisp
I'll wreck your hot body to pieces."
Enter Inspector
You have Inspector versus Rector possessed by Spectre
He was spoken, this devil, rose and shrunken
The Inspector is half insane.
Onto the scene comes a Hero
Soul possessed a thousand times
Only he could save the Rector
Only he could save the Inspector
This hero was a strange fellow
"Those flowers, take them away," he said.
"They're only funeral decorations.
And O this is a tragic nation
A nation of no imagination.
A stupid dead man is their ideal
They shook me and they think me unclean."
I wash all day and still it's unclean
I have saved a thousand souls
You can only save your own
It's like I drunk myself sober
I get better as I get older
The hero
The Spectre enters the Hero
but the possession is ineffectual.
So exit a spectre.
Inspector and hero walk on the scene
Is the Spectre vanished forever?
Is Spectre banished forever?
The Spectre has exit the scene
but the Inspector is half insane.
Serves him right for choosing such a crap career.
And the hero goes back into the mountains
He was an exorcist
But he was exhausted.
[ M.R. James was a 19th Century ghost story writer. 'Yog
Sogoth' is a character in H.P. Lovecraft's horror stories.
Demon possession is a common theme in the Fall, cf. Lay of the
Land, Impression of J Temperance, Jaw Bone and the Air Rifle,
Elves, Bug Day. ed.]
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