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Printhead Lyrics
Tin badges tinkle
T-shirts mingle
Hey you horror-face!
I'm a printhead
I go to pieces
I'm a printhead
I go to pieces yeah
End of catch-line
End of [the porcupine]
We had a two page
It's one we needed
I'm an ill head
Space increases
How my head increases
Real problems, this
So how is it, yeah
That I've reached here
On board this game
You mingled
[...] bring you out to here
We laughed with them
When it was take-the-piss time
I'm no egghead
But I'm an ex-worker man
W.C.-hero friend - and not water closet!
There's a barrier between writer and singer
Uh-huh he's a good man
Although an easy one
The singer is a neurotic drinker
The band little more than a big crashing beat.
Instruments collide and we all get drunk
The last two lines
Were a quote, yeah
When we read them
We went to pieces
We went to pieces, yeah
We went to pieces, yeah
One day a week
I'm a printhead, yeah
On twenty pence a week
Been eating good!
Printhead X 3
Or you could substitute an ear
For an extra useless eye
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