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Fall Lyrics

Life Just Bounces Lyrics
(in parallel)
Dr boring had a relationship with the drug company too
And i'm half-associated with the softness group plc
On tv today somebody claimed their dog
Had been molested by a textile chemist

But life just bounces so don't you get worried at all
Sometimes life just bounces so don't you get worried at all

The prescription's filled but i'm surprised at their standards
I watch with a tight lip, retina amazed

But life just bounces....

Come a light-brown varnish morn

London is full of people leaving their homes
They got lack of length in their beds and in their rooms
And the cops say don't dare leave your home

I tell yer, life just bounces....

Dr john sez you are very ill
And your top-knot is in the region of your soul
I was vortexed i was going for a fall

But all music bounces, so....
I tell yer music bounces, so...
I tell yer all life just bounces, so...
All life just bounces
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