Fall - Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul Lyrics

Fall Lyrics

Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul Lyrics
Well i didn't eat the weekend
But i put the weight back on
N 'our kid got back from munich
He didn't like it much

It just goes to show
No nerves left monday morning
And i think i'll cut mein dyckhoff*
The trouble it got me in
Went home to my slum
Canyon, on
My way i looked up, i
Sawn turrets of victorian
I saw john the ex-fox

Sleeping in some outside bogs
There's a silent rumble, in
The buildings of the night

I had an awake dream, i
Was in the supervision
Dept, of a big town store,
Security 1-4 (we had cameras
In the clothes dummies)
A man came up to them, he
Wanted sex in the dummies
Eyes. then came up the cry.
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