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Ivanhoes Two Pence Lyrics
(my name is ivanhoe
Ivanhoe? there was a time when i used to know a boy called ivanhoe
That was many years ago. a fine lad.
Are you speaking of ivanhoe the norman?
That's the one, yes.)

Dropped some money down there
And it's only two pence
If you are a light and dark knight
How can you turn from your happy plight

You cannot feel
Look there doctor
Any time of night
Any time of day

And you disown
One thousand three hundred and four
Two pence
It's only
Two pence

In the gut of mammon
You used patient's credit card

To steal one billion
How can i return
In happy plight
When i'm devout
Benefit of rest

And look over
It's only two pence
It's only
Two pence

Get from
Got yourself
Got yourself into the former battle
The happy passes

And the standing cup fills

You dropped some money down there
You could pay to
Smitten in two
You used patient's credit card
To steal one thousand three one million credit
You little

It's only two pence
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