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Immortality Lyrics
You try and change it
You try and arrange it
You try and shape it
But its immortality, yeah
Its immortality

You cannot change it
Or rearrange it
Its immortality


Thats where youre at, dear
Youre shedding your mentality
But its immortality
And you cannot buy it
You cannot put it in your pocket book
You cannot put it in your bci
Dont try and shape it
Cos its immortality
Its immortality, yeah
Immortality, yeah

Its where youre at, yeah


The viking gods had it
[lordnord] odin had it
Dont try and change it
Dont try and put it in your pock-book-et
Its immortality
Its immortality, yeah

And you cannot change it
And you cannot rearrange it
And you cannot shape it
Cos its reality, yeah
Its immortality, yeah
You cannot buy it
And thats all youre gonna get
From immortality
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