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Im Bobby Pt 2 Lyrics
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but that fraction small missing is sometimes the most important. we give you I am bobby.

Its gotta be the same
Effects, music and lights, (fogging and strobing) in synchronisation with
The music bobby robert walks to bar where bobby hazel is already drinking alone

They look into each others eyes, mix eyes with crowd then both faces fx, reverb on music, slow motion

Bobby robert and robert hazel form a silent agreement

The way they look at each other depicts a knowing that they are both the same kind. they know that they dont quite hit the mark

Voices: our biggest fear has happened

They tried to get (in at the gig but were refused )

Voices: we have been replaced

.trembling and twitching

A group of thugs including one called the beast the leader cursing and moaning that bobby roberts was late again

Where the hell is he? Ive warned him about being late

(mls bouncer ms lauder and . refused admittance to the club)

Sorry cock, full house

Bobby hears liz onstage, wearing a blonde wig, trying to mimic dj lauren

She miscues her (haircut), fumbles over her words, she aint got the bottle.

Bobby robert cant cope with the feeling (hes cracking under pressure) whilst heavily under the influence of drinks and drugs, you see. bobby hazel and bobby roberts have both become totally ps
Ogically obsessed and go absolutely mad.

Edward turns up and is refused admittance.

In the background fx, loud heavy beat music with mix. v. over. voice chanting:

(shall we wait david)

Edward walks with his head down away from the clonezone muttering to h
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