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Fall Lyrics

Gentlemens Agreement Lyrics
We plough the fields together
In all types of intemperance
Our bones cracked in unison
Gentlemens, gentlemens agreement

You know what he is
And probably still is
Sticking his colours
To whatever new mast there is
But our agreement is over

I thought we had some kind of agreement
But with you it was just prurience
Youre addicted to excitement
My energies are down now with yours
And youre sitting on my back fence
But I thought we had an agreement
Gentlemens, gentlemens agreement

Your brain is software
Your brain is game boy
Its filled with excretement
And your short-term memory
Will fleetingly remember
Our gentlemens, gentlemens agreement

Gentlemens, gentlemens agreement
Gentlemens, gentlemens agreement
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