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Fall Lyrics

Garden Lyrics
The first god: had in his garden, from the back, looked like
A household pet--but when it was twirled round was revealed to
Be a 3 legged black grey hog; see what flows from his mushy pen

That person is films on t.v. 5 years back at least
Hes the "young generation" tying to perform country and western

Do a dance here

Small small location
Garden garden

Never since birth not eaten in a day
Never since courtship stayed up some nights
He had the kingdom of evil book under a german history book--
He was contrived like that-- see what flows! from his mushy pen

Garden garden

Sodomized by presumption

(...... his ferry stopped at pool port. revealed to be spolit
Slate with largesse resource.
Wild bill hick, shaves and charts at last, made the second god
Sad -- hes coming up.)

Godzone godzone jacobs ladder

The best firms advertise the least

The second god, lives by fountains that flowed, by the blue shiny
Roads. had forgot, what others still try to grasp.
He knew the evil of the phone, the bells stopped on sunday when
He rose.

Shotgun! shotgun! shotgun!


Hes here. I saw him I swear on the thingy floor:
Up on the brown baize lift shaft hes here! hes here at last!

Jew on a motorbike
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