Fall - Draygos Guilt Lyrics

Fall Lyrics

Draygos Guilt Lyrics
I am the one who gave you a chance in life
How could you try and end my life

Draygos guilt
Still apparent
Draygos guilt

How long is long in a hellish place?
And dreams today are draining us dry
And I proclaim some loyalty frightened me
Master bold morals get reptiles and ankles


A spiritual king has to rise or perish
And throw away the charity handouts
Blow his nose on last pound note
Scan window menus and walk away but


Sit still
Hate from the hills

And all the bands still dream of photo-draygo
The county of lancs dreams of photo-draygo
Guitars in hands that turn and stab you
And sexy with bass dreams of photo-draygo


Hate from the hills

How many times do I have to say this
I should not have to say this
But each time the blood was clear like liquid gold
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