Fall - Diy Meat Lyrics

Fall Lyrics

Diy Meat Lyrics
The minute I get out of my tent,
My garden is covered with cement.
The minute I went,
A Radio was blasting outside. [Radio One]
[Treats life as dark.]
Said I'm a handyman.
He was a handyman.
It was a handyman.
He was handyman.
I said what you doing round the crib?
Said I'm a handyman
I saw you chatting to my wife
Between the light and door.
It was a handyman
And the minute I got outta my tent....
Go out.
Ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha....
They have cheese.
Not me.
It was a handy a-handy a-handy man
So this is talk to yourself.
You try [to get a callender]
Just bang around
Just bang around .
Ha ha ha ha.
And it does not cut me down.
And Sunday nights don't count anymore.
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