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Fall Lyrics

Cruisers Creek Lyrics
What really went on there?
We only have this excerpt:

Theres a party going on down around here
Cruisers creek yeah
Watch the shirt-tails flapping in the wind
Sidewalk running
See the people holding from the back
Hat-boaters tilting
Theres a party going down around here
Cruisers creek now

Uh cruisers creek yea (5x)

Got nice pink bubbles in my mouth
From what Ive taken
Theres a party come around annual
Cruisers creek now
And bianco on the breath guaranteed
Cruisers creek yeah
Cruisers creek now
Cruisers creek

Cruisers creek yeah (3x)

See the street-litter twisting in the wind
Crisp bags turning
See b
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