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Crew Filth Lyrics
From the valleys of leicestershire
And all over
Came mystic crew filth
The first was dave bush-babe
The second was graham pony-tail
They were mystic crew filth
Crew filth

[mock urdu or punjabi]

Then from the land of the accordion
Came dave kiwi
He was crew filth
He had the shirts
He wouldnt meditate
On his monitor room
Crew filth

Hey mystic crew filth
Crew filth x4
Where did they come from?
The little motherf*ckers
Nobody knows
Nobody bothers
Crew filth
Crew filth

Crew filth

One was a kiwi
One was a bush-baby
One had tattoos on his legs
One had brown spectacles on his head
Crew filth

Crew filth

Hey kenny, tell us about crew filth

Crew filth x3

But those crew filth
They had sensitive sides to their nature
They would smoke pot in their rooms
They were always behind you
Thats why we kept our backs to the walls
You gotta watch your wallet, man
Crew filth

What about crew filth bill?
Bill was king of the f*cking motherf*cker crew filth
He had to do some work one night
Then his hair turned white
Crew filth baby x3

Crew filth motherf*cker

He was the worst, one of the worst x3
Gotta watch your friends
Watch your girl
You never can tell
He might kill a tab
While youre jumping off
All your friends might turn out to be
Crew filth
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