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Couldnt Get Ahead Lyrics
Couldnt get ahead
I just couldnt get ahead

Come out of pub, the shop is closed
Come out of pub, harry wants to know
When the next bus is
I said five or ten minutes
I had my change in my hands
The bus flashes past.
My hands are caught

Couldnt get ahead. I just couldnt get ahead.

In a week, earned money for month
Got all my jobs done
My eyelids were sick of it
Gist was I could sleep for a day?
But bad bills have no respect for a decent mans rest
Flopping on the doorstep
Outlined in color red

Couldnt get ahead. just couldnt get ahead.

On an asiatic plane with wings not of the grain
Toilet queue was endless
Couldnt get a beer
The hostesses were muslims
When I get in toilet,
Light flashes: "return to seat."
I feared withdrawal
And I feared beer was making sludge of my head.

Couldnt get ahead. just couldnt get ahead.

Now my problems are solved
Its a remedy of old
I pretend Im blind you see
Put on some armani clothes
And act like et
Where Im at is a cabbage patch,
No longer strewn with weeds
Have a ghandi at me
Colour mags wish me well
No more, no get ahead.

Couldnt get ahead. just couldnt get ahead.
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