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Fall Lyrics

Copped It Lyrics
Said I aint no millionaire
But I spent more money than one ever seen
Im gonna change that scene one day
Its what youre supposed to say
Hey hey hey hey

Cant get far in land of immovable frogs
Cant get far in home of horrible hoax
And you dont last long on a diet of tea and toast

Hey hey hey
And Im singing the song cause I copped it baby
I steal what I have

Confessions confessions
Bring detractors
Keeping shtum
Brings dough and attractions
Costello, ideas trenchant borrows
New song benefactor
Is the past tomorrow

Sing, sing a song
Im singing the song cause I copped it baby

Dont last long
Theres guns behind you
Aura of desparate boot licker
And you cant hang on with a cuff of him and girl

Im singing a song cause I copped it baby

Taking out a policy for love and destruction
Cant operate with this vexation
Say it again, real real gone
I know Ive copped but Im not the only one.

It aint what you do its the way that you do it
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