Fall - Bingo-Masters Breakout Lyrics

Fall Lyrics

Bingo-Masters Breakout Lyrics
Two swans in front of his eyes

Colored balls in front of his eyes

Its number one for his kellys eye

Treble-six right over his eye

A big shots voice in his ears

Worlds of silence in his ears

All the numbers account for years

Checks the cards through eyes of tears

Bingo-masters breakout!

All he sees is the back of chairs

In the mirror, a lack of hairs

A light room, which he fills out

Hear the players all shout

Bingo-masters breakout!

A glass of lager in his hand

Silver microphone in his hand

Wasting time in numbers and rhyme

One hundred blank faces buy

Bingo-masters breakout!

Came the time he flipped his lid

Came the time he flipped his lid

Holiday in spain fell through

Players put it down to

Bingo-masters breakout

A hall full of cards left unfilled

Ended his life with wine and pills

Theres a grave somewhere only partly filled

A sign in a graveyard on a hill reads

Bingo-masters breakout
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