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Fall Lyrics

Australians in Europe Lyrics
Conversation with ham a. circa: post house motel.

Australians in europe x 6
Never ever breathe
Australians in europe
Get a whiff of air and helium to breathe.*
Australians in europe x 2
Higher! australians in europe x 3

Why did the great grandad leave?
Australians in europe never see.
He was consigned to a boat, after using a huge great cleaver.

Australians in europe x 4 never ever.......................
Australians your biggest things rejected,
I have ever seen.
Because the boys use a map and they live in berlin.
Your like a pair of dogs loose in mcgregors kiln,
You know shit.
Australians in europe x 5
Wake up and suss the scene.
Youd better leave them parents, and try hamburg to berlin.
Your just a bloody twister, so who do you think your foolin.
Australians in europe
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