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A Past Gone Mad Lyrics
Serial killers were always a bore in my book,
Along with spangles and soccer books.
Rid us of old fogeys
Scuttling and swerving over the roads
Kids in pubs.

Why is pete gabriel always following us?
And before the grub comes a moralist,
Dissonance of infotainment

A past gone mad!
Alive and well, he is on all channels
[kiki dee]
Dwelling in craven environment

If I ever end up like ian mcshane* slit my throat with a kitchen tool
And if I ever end up like u2 slit my throat with a garden vegetable

A past gone mad

Take a look back
Rear-view mirror: its all behind you

A present gone mad
Tra-tra-la, follow, track that lava
Past, present gone mad.
A past gone mad.
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