Eagles Of Death Metal Lyrics

Eagles Of Death Metal Lyrics

Eagles Of Death Metal Info:

Eagles of Death Metal is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1998 by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, who are the only permanent members of the band, though Homme rarely plays live shows because of commitments to other bands. -Wikipedia

Palm Desert, California, United States

Alternative rock, garage rock, hard rock, desert rock, southern rock

Years active:

Associated acts:
Queens of the Stone Age
Them Crooked Vultures
Jack Black

Name Origin:
Eagles of Death Metal is not a death metal band. Hughes stated that a friend was introducing Josh Homme to the death metal genre. When he played a song by the Polish band Vader and made a claim that the song was within the death metal genre, Homme then referred to Vader as "The Eagles of Death Metal".

After hearing this phrase, he wondered what a cross between The Eagles and a death metal band would sound like.

Jesse Hughes AKA: The Devil / Shanky McBuzcock / Boots Electric - vocals, guitar, percussion


Josh Homme AKA: Carlo Von Sexron / DP Pete / Baby Duck / Zombie Zebra - guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion


Past Contributors:
Brian O'Connor (bass) playing at the Commodore Ballroom on July 20, 2009

Brian O´Connor AKA: Big Hands (bass, vocals)

Joey Castillo AKA: The Sexy-Mexy (drums)

Claude Coleman AKA: Sugardick (drums)

Gene Trautmann AKA: Teen Dream (drums)

Samantha Maloney AKA: Hot Damn Sweet Sam (drums)

Jack Black AKA: Blackjack, Jeff Boyles (vocals)

Dave Grohl AKA: Diablo (guitar)

Wendy Rae Fowler AKA: Wendy Ramone / Wendy Ray Moan (backing vocals on Death by Sexy)

Brody Dalle AKA: Queen Bee (vocals)

Dean Fertita filled in on Bass for Big Hands, played keys on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Taylor Hawkins (drums)

Nick Oliveri (bass)

Tim Vanhamel AKA: Timmy 'Tipover' Vanhamel (guitar)

Mark Lanegan (vocals)

Alain Johannes has participated during several recordings and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Troy Van Leeuwen performed piano and backing vocals on Death by Sexy, and backing vocals on Heart On as well as guitar and backing vocals on several live performances.

Liam Lynch

Stefan Olsdal of Placebo played bass with them when the two bands toured together in 2003.

Rat Scabies made guest appearances with the band at their London shows in 2008 and 2009.

Abby Travis touring bassist, 2010.

Eden Galindo (of Sweethead and Boots Electric) made live appearances in 2015 playing guitar and singing backing vocals on "Complexity" and "Save a Prayer".

Tour Dates:

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