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Trained To Go Lyrics
[Talking: E-40]
He trained to go mane
Trained to go?
When they're orders (ah-uh) nigga he trained to go nigga
Like, like I'm saying (I know) he a fool right?
I was born in it man it's either killed or be killed
It's sick out here brah

[Chorus: Laroo/E-40]
Foreal, he trained to go!
Look, ain't no telling what he do for it, move for it shoes been laced for it
He trained to go!
Man the boy's built with it green light that hit he deal with it
He trained to go!
Man the kid live by it, no way out then he dying
He trained to go!
Look, buss a head and no skill bag taking damn near where you live at, yeah

[Verse 1: E-40]
He trained to go
Never judge a book by it's cover you never know
That sucka a stab ya in the juggler in ya kidneys or ya bladder
Some of these niggas you think is real is really f*ckin' actors
Never been a sucka or a weenie
Brall a muthaf*cka toast him like a pair neenie
With the semi-automatic shimmy
Get on the case fast like a hemi
For a favor or some cash to feud the enemy
Get out of my f*ckin way
At the end of the day it's all about who goin throw they life away
Or whoever goin try to stay on this earth a few more years
Revenge is what they say in and out of ears

[Verse 2: Laroo]
Look, then thirty was quiet but he the mastermind
Load to fire coyotes, supper time
He the reason the club was stop playing rap
Or make urban radio change they format
Give a nigga this trained to go the slightest reason
Marinate it, soil savvy, highly seasoned
Cham, buss a head and no skill
Back glass in the metal find this called train wreck

[Chorus: Laroo/E-40]

[Verse 3: The DB'z]
I told my right hand he need to get with the left
F*ck that a couple zips now I'm a call that shift
Fiends let my doe they be begging like Keith Sweat
When I slide through the hood what they ain't seen yet
The lil homies geeked up serve compell habits
He don't buy clothes he buy clips for them ratchet
My dirties day goon stay shoes with the shit
Down a nigga dawg and do his time like Vick
I be at the trap watching for the police
I ain't KFC but I can serve you the 4-piece
Or we can do the action I'm ready for the battle
I care run or nothing and I hit'chu with the handle
Show up with the goonies, automatic lifters
Sprang the whole clip make it rain like a strip club
They was just talking, thug imposters
Or doing just sumthing real show up at the concerts

[Chorus: Laroo/E-40]

[Verse 4: Mac Shawn 100]
Nigga I'm trained
Uh, nigga I'm wet in the paint
Nigga, I'm trained to go
Knock a hoe to the flo make her get that doe
Sock a nigga out for running his mouth
See what it's about pump fear no doubt
I'm the boss of this muthaf*ckin' house
The way I do my thang with a lil gangbang
Slang that kane spaghetti a nigga brain
You niggas is a muthaf*ckin' lame
See the streets blocked up nigga I'm the mane

[Chorus: Laroo/E-40]
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