This A Boy Lyrics by E-40

E-40 Lyrics

This A Boy Lyrics
[Hook: E-40]
This muthaf*cka right here gone (this muthaf*cka right here gone) [x4]
This a boy, this shit clapped [x4]

[Verse 1: E-40]
This shit here, this muthaf*cka right here clapped
Running my alley my zone my habitat
He was on my way to the cannabis club and got a sack
He was stopping by the bottle shop on sprees road and brought some yac
And a little bit after that I got keyed (you got keyed?)
Went to Fac City and brought some gear from Hobbe
I noticed a couple of youngsters kept on staring at me
But all they really wanted was a picture of me
When he was solar celebrity you gotta stay on your Bunyans
Ya never know who wanna slice yo f*cking onion
I hopped up in my truck, bumped into this broad
That a always wanted to f*ck, thicker than my brawl
Now were on Facebook ass titties and all
Cold part about it it was yesterday y'all

[Hook: E-40]

[Verse 2: Droop-E]
Uh, going in like curfew
Mouthpiece fishes my nigga this shit a hurt'cha
I am the Sick Wid It lieutenant salute me
Family full of bosses, y'all just hoochies
See through a pussy nigga, call that a cat scan
All black tampon, looking like Batman
Yeah, bout that money we don't play around
Y'all all talk y'all bark like a playground
Get down or lay down, sit down or stay down
We G5, y'all niggas is Greyhound
My niggas get paid now; I call them niggas my PayPal's
Nigga we run this shit y'all get chased out
I'm spaced out, I'm way out
Cut from that cloth, no face towel
Uh, and I had to bring it back
Bitch this a rap like a Taliban hat

[Hook: E-40]

[Verse 3: E-40]
Naturally do damage with it, sliding on candy toy
Helicopters over our head like balloon boy
Customers hustling having they're bread f*ck the Elroy
Bully club cuffing, chasing and busting, beating down my cousin
Everyday action flashing, like Messy Marv what's happenin'
Stacking and rapping getting my money right, mashing
... buying me a Harley bike, smashing
I hit the club and f*cked a couple dykes, tramping
Uhh, bitches be loving the way I care
Loving the way I wear, loving the way I say
Uhh, bitches be loving the way I (f*ck)
Loving the way I (cuss) loving the way I (bust)
Doing and pitching and skipping and skating and flipping and lifting weight
Shaking and baking a coco whip and twist it making cake
Flying and gliding diving and dipping in my 98
Oldsmobile classic like a Delta 88

[Hook: E-40]
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