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The Recipe Lyrics
First take 36 ounces of coke
Mixing it with water & a pot on the stove
Next, [? ] & baking soda
If the flame is low then turn it up WHOA!
And stir it up
Finally, just wait until it gets hard
Then bag it up
You got a key homie
That's the recipe
That's the recipe [x2]

Before you decide to elect yourself in the game of dope
Better know that it is cut throat
Can't be cracking under pressure when your backed in a corner
Against the ropes
They ain't calling it snitching no more
They calling it telling the truth
They say you better get down first before they decide to get down on you
Mixing it up
Shake & bake
It's 2008, they got more data than '88
We used to make crazy cake
Flipping weight
Got get in & out before it be too late
I don't want to be 6 feet under
So I pack & tote my thunder
Suckas want to hate & block my thunder
Cause I got more kicks than a bunter
Murder rates go up in the summer
Killers go hunting like a hunter
You can live good for 6 years
Then it's football numbers


[Gucci Mane:]
Chef for the year, better yet the f*cking century
Dread head killers with me before [? ]
I'm in the kitchen scrapping up the pottery
Working with my hands like the [? ]
Sniff, I'm coke, shawty take a wiff off me
Sniff a little [? ] so they can get a hit from me
Talk slick to me, E-40 style, you hearing me?
Got a green skirt & I bought it off a recipe
Hella p's, hella keys, yellow, purple, red, green
Put me in the feds if these crackers on the recipe
33 yellow D's purchased off my recipe
Heavy coke & I'm a G
Plus I got a recipe


[Bun B:]
Well it's Chef Boy A-Bun B
The king of the kitchen
I got exactly what you need to do your thing when you pitching
Guarantee to add a few layers of bling on your stitching
The feeling in your chest get you tingling & itching
Got to have the right ingredients before you can start
Like 1 part gangsterism & 1 part heart
2 parts of keeping it G & add you 100 milligrams of killer man & you have done it
Put it all inside a Cadillac with them 3's & them 4's
Swang wide & mix scurrily while skating on vogues
Don't forget to shake them haters off homie that's a necessity
Now you done made you a trill nigga
Now that's the recipe

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