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Tell It Like It Is Lyrics
How can I help you
What can I do for ya
Lookin' for that China white
Girl that's soft

If I ain't got it
I know where to find it
If I can get it for you

How much you got in your budget
The more you buy the less it costs
I could front you a few off the side
As long as your ass don't double cross

You crossed a lot of raccoons
Get your cranium sawed off
I got mouths to feed my n****
I can't afford to take no loss

I can give your ass a number
It's up to you to keep it quite
You can't be a punk about nothin'
You gotta keep the money comin'

I'm out here
Dealin' with these suckers
Stopin' the fake ass

They stab your ass in the back
These brothers turn on you
I know when it's gonna get short
How long this sureness suppose to last
I ain't got the weather channel
To predict the forcast

The plan is hustlin'
'cause there ain't no work there ain't no job
So they stuck in playing this game
And the next thing they gonna rob

Two faceded little ol' heathen
Workin' with the law

Man no matter what you do for n****
They ain't never gonna be satisfied
Tell it like it is
My whole thing is like
Why dudes be lettin' cats get in their ear though
I'm just tellin' it like it is
I don't know what the f*ck happened between '96 up into now
N**** is hoes
I'm a tell it like it is
Man n**** is going out backwards man
Kill all this snitchin'my n*** what's up with that
Tell it like it is

If there was a snake it would've bite ya
See you've been fallowin' so many n**** you wouldn't even know what hit ya
Now you don't know which way to look
You don't really know which way to turn

Got you trying to protect yourself
With all the bridges you done burned

You n**** cry to us nowadays
N**** feelings get hurt too easily
Might as well wear a tampon
Might as well be a breezy

A closed mouth don't get fed
And a lazy hustler don't get bread
Pimpin' I can't read minds
I don't know what's in your head

Everybody think they know it all
Wanna hear nobody speak
Shut the f*ck up and listen sometime
Even if you an O.G.

Personally I'm a grinder
Let no grass grow under my feet
Don't nothin' come to a sleeper
But a dream

A vision without a plan
Is just a hallucination

I gotta lotta folks in the pen
I'm gonna give it to you straight
I ain't gonna give it to you late
I'm a tell your ass what's real
I ain't gonna tell ya nothin' fake

Man I got my own dreams
Everybody wants me to finance theirs
Tell it like it is
You know who I like I like that boy 40 man
He's 20 years in the game and he consistent
Just tellin' it like it is
Not all of them but allot of these new dudes is
Ringtone rappers man
I'm a tell it like it is
Fools just have one album out
And act like they just it
Tell it like it is

Same song third verse
It's from the heart it ain't rehearsed
The world is full of associates
But very few friends
That wanna contribute nothin'
But wanna help spend your ends

Think before you rock yo mouth
Park your tongue and lip
Watchin who you talkin' round
Never know who you're havin' dinner with

Ain't got nothing good to say
Don't say nothin' at all
That's what I was told
That's what I was taught when I was small

A lot of theses so called artists got too much
You should be getting' your money on
Instead of hatin' on the next man

It's lonely at the top
But it's next to crowed at the bottom
Tha's why I always keep my pistol cocked
In case I gotta stop em'

Trunk full of slap
Hollerin' at em' back

Pocket full of scraps
Nothin' but thousand stacks

I'm old school
Actin' a fool makin' my presence known
I look at business face to face
Don't like to talk on phones

When I'm at a stop sign or a red light
I leave one car space in front of me
Tell it like it is
Just so I could have enough room to get outta there
Just in case someone try to pop at me or something
Tell it like it is
That's how I was raised
I'm still a student of the game
You could learn from a baby
I'm a tell it like it is
Man I was hollerin' at my grand partner
He said 40 return phone calls and you'll keep your friends
Tell it like it is

You two faceded ass mother f*ckers
I didn't just help create my music mother f*cker
I invented it
Everybody wanna know what the f*ck mob music is
N**** this is mob music

Poor ass mother f*ckers
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