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Stilettos & Jeans Lyrics
[Chorus: Bobby V]
Looking super sexy is stilettos and jeans
Come over to the bar take a shot with me
Matter fact take another one I'll have another one
It's going down tonight girl
Tonight's gonna be a night girl
And I'm ready (uh)

I'm a break you off (stilettos and jeans)
I'm a break you off, off (stilettos and jeans)
I'm a break you off (stilettos and jeans)
I'm a break you off, girl (uhh)

[Verse 1: E-40]
You over there looking right
Come over here and let me put some of this here macking in yo life
Tonight goin be your night I bet that coochie hella tight
I bet'chu it's a foo
I bet'chu that when you cum I bet you'll leave a pout
Uhh, born winner and tender imagine me up in ya all in the back in ya fender beating it up
Magnum strapped up Bailey's and Lanny up in her cup
Finna crack a nut just like a volcano we both erupt
At the same time, you know I'm only lying
You say you a cougar well f*ck it I'm a lion
He say you a loser I say the nigga lying all in ya ear
I tell ya everything that'chu wanna hear

[Chorus: Bobby V]

[Verse 2: E-40]
Uhh, you smell good; I'm try'na get at cha
What kind of perfume you got? (No bigger a lime packer
What kind of cologne you got on?) Blotting number 9
Fresh out of the bathroom line and tic-tac and cologne mane was right on time
Ma you too much for yourself girl you the shit
With them House of Dereon's on I can see your dear footprint
And them sexy lil jeans you twerkin
You know I'm absorbing
I just wanna let'chu know that it's working
Your man might not care but I'm a put it in the air
Was fair, f*ck a rubber I run up in ya bear
Take it there, I'm try'na put'chu on my team
You looking super sexy in stilettos and jeans

[Chorus: Bobby V]

[Verse 3:]
Looking at my Pochay it's about that time
For me to leave the party and go home with a dime
Dime meaning super bad sexy and fine
Last call for alcohol tequila and lime
She real and ready and hot
I'm try'na get hammered all the way to my spot
Put her on her key spread her legs like a hawk
I'm laying at the bottom while she get on the top
Let her do her thing till she nailed on my cock
Get her rock soft like she hugging the block
Wrap her lips around and soak it up like a mop
You know what I mean
Dolce and Gabbana, stilettos and jeans

[Chorus: Bobby V]
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