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Spend The Night Lyrics
Let me spend the night sweetheart, uhh
With her ass like that I don't need a cup holder
Body like a Jet Magazine's to the folder
Beauty of the week, let's go creep
I tear the line out the coochie and put that ass to sleep
Like a dog in heat, horons jumping
Have em fighting over a hustla two broads thumpings
I'm a beast in the sheets creepin em Cummings
Boulevard with it I be trapping with trumpets

[Verse 1: Droop-E]
This is something you ain't never seen
Pinch yourself bitch this is no dream
This a Droop-E situation
Tell ya boyfriend leave ya all frustrated, uh
Well come holla at a young beast
I'm rich and I'm sexy, sheesh
And I might let you spend the night
If you do it right, yeah

[Hook x2: Droop-E/E-40]
Me and you we can both get right (get right)
I know you drunk and you ain't got a ride (got a ride)
Look in your eyes see you want me inside (inside)
You can come to my house and spend the night

[Verse 2: DB]
Work Bay
Cut ya lace sweet handling
From what I hear thick running yo family
Aunty got ass mommy and ya grand nanny
I never treat you like Aldea baggy
You can be a vet and shawty I'm can be Cody
I ain't no trick but I can buy a few groceries
Now sit your pretty brown ass on this upholstery
Roll up the drinks girl pour up the Lanny
Was that your girl I'm sorry for your loss
She came with a square and she left with a boss
My chain and my money got her intimate
And you playing with the game like you PS3
I'm looking around you the baddest by far
Tell em other guys give you space like stars
You sippin champagne you feeling it right
But let's hit shawty you can spend the night

[Hook x2: Droop-E/E-40]

[Verse 3:]
I'm the separation send it off top
Black rims dark skin played the co-out
Me and your... here, in the start power G
Introduce her friends to D.R. double O.P. and Slimm B
I come with exposure, paparazzi flash
When I'm on my pillow designer by NASA
Move with it, you gotta respect with right
Send an inblast house tour friends over the night
[B Slimm:]
I wanna see her squirt without a soda can
There's alot of friction from ya mouth to dance
I'm a put it in your stomach like this ma
Planks on the bed head it in the bathroom stall
Thighs in the air feet on the wall
Everybody knows ya all the way down the hall
Don't worry bout cha last man he not worthy
And I'm bimb bomb on niggas like Charles Barkley

[Hook x2: Droop-E/E-40]
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