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Slow It Down Lyrics
[Hook: DecadeZ]
When I walk up in the club
I stay suit up
Got my strap up on my hip
Waiting for someone to trip
They say I need to slow it down
(Uhh! Before something reach and I can't)
They say I need to slow it down
(Uhh! But I'm used to going hard in the paint)
They say I need to slow it down (slow it down)
Slow it down
They say I need to slow it down (slow it down)
Slow it down

[Verse 1: E-40]
Freshly fitted and kidded nevertheless
I get my gear and my kicks from Manny over at foot express
I got a S on my chest for something
You got a N on your chest for nothing
I said it before and I'll probably say it again
We ain't in it too lose we in it to win
I still be drinking old school gin and getting tunned
Another word for pounted is wounded alcohol consume it
Blah, still on the paper chase
Outside of the minus hustler he stay on the case
Heavy on the grind salute pay in a pillowcase
All the neighborhoods and they grandma know that I'm a case
Turner on my waist, in case I gotta erase
Evaporate a hater for getting all in my face
Precipitate this potato for speaking all outta place
I live in the Bay but the mountain lions a space

[Hook: DecadeZ]

[Verse 2: J Stalin]
Couple shots of Henny I'm so sick with it
She says she wanna livewire told her come and get it
As if I want it lil mama I'm a come and hit it
You f*cking with a millionaire king of the city
I think I'm Rookie Johnston I think I'm Frank Nitti
And baby girl she aight but the money pretty
I keep a banger cause some niggas they trippin'
Acting like they never seen a nigga on a television
Niggas speaking in colls we call it bird talk
West so I'm reppin' I f*ck the 40 and Turf Talk
Real Bay niggas, we get real money
We in the VIP so keep them bottles coming
I'm never throwing hundreds, but keep a bank roll
I'm too fly with a nigga wore...
That shawty keep a lick like a candle
I'm never too famous I still run a phantom

[Hook: DecadeZ]

[Talking: Lil Jon]
Aight niggas and nigheads we gotta slow this shit down
For the real muthaf*ckin' playas in the house
It's ya boy Lil Jon talking to yo muthaf*ckin' ass
Taking it back to the ole school
Now you know how we used to do
Nigga hit the slow it down with girls and sqeeze real tight on that booty
That's what your ass need to be doing right now fool let's go
Speed it back up
Hey! Hey!
40 Water
Sick Wid It
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