Show Me What U Workin' Wit' Lyrics by E-40

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Show Me What U Workin' Wit' Lyrics
Show me what you workin with
Show me what you workin with
(What you workin with)
Show me what you workin with
(What you workin with)
Show me what you workin with

Make that booty earthquake let me see that shit shake
Left cheek right cheek make it vibrate
Breast meat thigh meat make it rotate
Round and round like a merry-go-round, girate.
She got it from her auntie n 'em it's in her genetics
California face with a booty from Texas
Turn a preacher to a cheater
Brazillian wax beefer
Think like peanut butter in the freezer
Tricks wanna treat her
Ballas wanna buy
Captains wanna wipe her
Dikes wanna dike her
Jealous bitches don't like her
Got her own money, Got her own biz
Got her own car, got her own crib
She wanna be passified, she wanna be saved
She wanna be rescued and captured laid and paid.
She straight from the soil trapped the turf In her block
She runnin the funk she got the building on lock

[Too Short:]
Yeah man she said this her song
Everytime they play it it turns her on
It's Friday night, she's out there freakin
Work on the weekdays party on the weekend
Ass be wigglin when she start drinkin
Get too drunk girl then she start creepin
Shake that ass but don't do it too frequent
Bounce it real fast let me see those cheeks spin
Now get butt naked if I want it I see I get it and take it
With no strings attatched I meet girls at the club and I bring them back
Let's make a lot of love, that's the plan,
Spend the the night together but I'm not your man
I got too many girls, I do em when I can
Finger in her curls, hand in her pants
(C'mon bitch)


Short, She got a future in her ass and I'm a fortune teller
Cause I can see me up in her like a mirror
Christi, Iree, Stella and Della
Spin that ass around like a helicopter propeller
Bitch I wanna see ya, Drop it like madea
Some shit I never seen, do the splits like a balerina
She can tip it over, let the meat roll
Stop it on the dime, she got booty control

[Too Short:]
None of my girls can't f*ck with this
I don't even wanna see my other bitch
A fat ass on a pink toe,
The white girl let the booty grow I think so
I f*ck with, señoritas and the black girls
It's just another day in the mac's world
I'm too short, I pimps and I plays them
I don't give a f*ck if she was Indian or Asian
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