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She Smashed The Homie Lyrics
[Hook: Ray J]
She smashed the homie
She smashed a homie
And I don't know if I should keep her
She smashed the homie (yeah)
She smashed a homie
And I don't know, I don't know

[Verse 1: E-40]
What rhyme with smash, I guess fast
Fast meaning hotbox with her freaky little ass
They say you lay up with dog, then you can wake up with fleas
I'm surprised her when I was goosing her I didn't end up with a disease
Bitch please (bitch please) funky cot hoe (HOE)
You ran through my coupe more miles than jet blue
If I woulda known that she was gonna be out there like this (what would of happen?)
I woulda put your naïve ass on a strip
You could have been my home bitch (hoe bitch?) My HB (HB)
We could of got rich instead of you giving it up for free (for free)
We could of got rid if he was goin be giving them niggas head
We could of got paid if you was goin be opening up your legs
Now you're broke and lonely (broke and lonely)
Cause you smashed a homie
I can't be seen with you, you got a bad rep
Would you mind wanna do is go somewhere where they lay you at

[Hook: Ray J]

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Baby try'na act like she ain't even know me though
I knew it though, you a hoe I seen you with the homie though
But I ain't gonna blow up you speezy to know ya
Not gonna hit my bleezy
So take it easy, kick back and mingle
Socialize antagonize, this the single,
One chip at a time like a Pringle, the lingle
A lil' head in the bed that's the jingle
Ray J you know how we play
All highlights makes you wanna press replay
She say she ain't never did it but you know she's gonna get it
You think she wouldn't with it so I put it up in it then I bend it
And gave it to my nephew, he did what he had to
After it was over, she smiled and said I'm glad you
Had the time of your life and you can get this every night
Is that right? Damn

[Hook: Ray J]

[Talking: E-40 & Snoop Dogg]
[Snoop Dogg:] Look here man
[E-40:] What's happenin?
[Snoop Dogg:] You know I know all about these chicks out here man
[E-40:] Hmm-mm
[Snoop Dogg:] They try to act like they don't know I know but I do know
[E-40:] And you do know
[Snoop Dogg:]
If you been with one of my parties, you might as well say early
I mean real early (real early) cause if I catch you (uh-huh) it's too late (it's too late) you understand what I'm saying?
[E-40:] Tell'em man
[Snoop Dogg:]
It is what it is mane (now) we run this here, mane (yeah we do)
Maybe but for real talk, you might as well just go there and tell the truth
If you smashed the homie let it be known
Aye, that's real conversation my fella
Man you can't turn a hoe into a housewife
A lot of these niggas try'na turn these hoes into housewives mane
Ya understand me, they... haters they rescue...
They captain save-a-hoes man
If a bitch smashed the homie, who you goin check the bitch or the homie?

[Hook: Ray J]
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